Living in Versailles, I have easy access to Parisian resources: National Archives, Archives of Paris, Defense Historical Services, Diplomatic Archives, and to the various other archives available in and around Paris.


I was granted a derogation by the SIAF (Inter-ministerial Service of the Archives of France) to access French civil records produced less than 75 years ago (which are otherwise non-communicable).


Being of German and Polish descent, I speak German fluently and Polish well enough to carry out researches in this country. I also took a Russian course, as reading this language is crucial when doing researches in Poland, in addition to Polish and German.

In 2019 I also earned a degree in German Genealogy at the SGD (Studiengemeinschaft Darmstadt – a German distance learning institute).


A graduate of Sciences-Po Paris with an additional degree in History, I actually spent the first decade of my professional life doing market research for the automotive industry. In 2018, I made the decision to change professions and to turn my passion for the past into my new job.


With this goal in mind, I studied for a degree in « Genealogy and Family History » at the university of Nîmes (in the South of France) and successfully graduated that very same year.


The services I offer are a reflection of my own experience and genealogical horizons: in addition to all the traditional research a French genealogist can provide in the French archives, I have specialized in researches in Germany and Poland.


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