2020 RATES


Net rates - not subject to VAT (art.293B from the French General Tax Code)



Hourly rates/research in France:


- 1 hour: 40 €


- ½ day: 150 €


- Full day: 290 €



Hourly rates/research in Germany/Poland (remote search)*:


- 1 hour: 50 €



* please note that getting copies of records or acts is a chargeable service in these two countries. The actual price will be charged additionally.


(NB: this hourly rate doesn’t include the full translation of the documents into English)



Research for records/acts in Paris/suburbs:

ask us for a quote


Family genealogy, ascending or descending:

ask us for a quote


Complementary research (notarial act, naturalization record etc.):

hourly rates/full day


Specific WW2 research:

ask us for a quote


Travel expenses outside Paris/ suburbs:

actual costs


Accommodation expenses:

70€ per night


 Tarifs 2019  

Tarifs TTC non soumis à la TVA (article 293B du code général des impôts)  

ü Généalogie familiale, ascendante ou descendante : sur devis

 Tarifs 2019

Tarifs TTC non soumis à la TVA (article 293B du code général des impôts)

ü Généalogie familiale, ascendante ou descendante : sur devis

Frais d’hébergement : 70€

Each genealogical research is unique and specific.


Therefore, it’s difficult to establish a detailed and « fixed rate price grid », as the nature and extent of the task depend on the information you already have and on your expectations.


We’ll discuss your needs together and, accordingly, I will send you a free and non-binding personalized quotation. Once the quotation is approved, a research contract will be established, detailing the terms and content of the research. No research can start before both the quotation and the research contract are signed by the client. Professional genealogists are bound by an obligation of means, but not of result: hence each research listed in the executed contract will be invoiced.


Each service will be subject to a research report explaining in details and justifying the following process: investigated archive’s services and collections, presentation/quote of the sources used, information about potential lack of specific documents in some archives.


I agree to respect the confidentiality of the information you share with me, according to article 9 of the French Civil Code, which provides the right to respect personal privacy, and law n° 78-17 dated 1978, January 6 relative to Data protection, Data files and Individual Liberties. Being bound by professional secrecy, no information will be disclosed without your authorization.


In addition to the research report to be delivered, details and options of the research services to be provided (such as trees, mapping of the locations, transcription of records, etc.) will be agreed upon when drawing up the contract.


Please do note that I do not provide decorative trees. The trees I provide are in the standard gedcom format (I use the Heredis software). If you wish for a more stylish tree, I will be happy to recommend specialized suppliers.

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